It makes sense to choose Inclarity ...

Excellent customer support

At Inclarity, we believe that the standard of support we provide to our hosted telephone customers is second to none. We pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our clients and our business partners.


Inclarity operates a UK-based 24×7 customer support centre that constantly monitors our cloud telephony (VoIP) platforms to ensure high availability, reliability and quality of service. This proactive approach means that we detect and resolve a high proportion of faults without our customers knowing there has been an issue.

The real test of a service provider is how they respond when faults occur. Inclarity’s team resolves problems promptly. Once a fault is fixed, we take proactive steps to make sure the root cause is found and prevented from recurring. This is how we continually improve the service we deliver to our customers.

Inclarity’s customer support teams are not just there for when things go wrong. We encourage our clients and business partners to leverage our expertise and make sure they maximise the value they gain from our hosted cloud telephony solutions.

We’re so proud of our support we love to publish our average monthly performance stats during 2015/16:

97% of customers said they were happy with the support they received

Callers only had to wait an average of 2 seconds to speak to one of our team

Average issue fix time was under 2 hours