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Whether you’re big or small, or your staff are near or far, our cloud communication services can help your business perform better by providing agile, feature-rich business communications to every employee.

Of course, we know that you always need to think about cost – that’s why we’ve designed our VoIP telephony bundles with a range of options to make sure you get the most from your voice.

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Latest News

Next Generation Applications

Wouldn’t it be great if all your communications applications were always up to date?

Most people would agree with the sentiment but many are still stuck with legacy products and applications that must be upgraded on site by suppliers that charge you for the privilege of having their latest versions – after all it could just be a dressed-up bug fix!

Buying products this way comes with many drawbacks, not least of which is suppliers ‘saving up’ new features until they feel they have enough new functionality to get away with charging you that ‘upgrade’ fee. Read more ……

Making technology a strategic asset

Today, there are new and unique ways that organisations can make technology a strategic asset and a competitive differentiator by increasing investment in infrastructure and applications. But here’s the problem, as technology and functionality progresses, different technologies inevitably pass from being leading edge to legacy. How can businesses be sure that the technology and equipment they invest in today won’t become the Betamax of tomorrow?