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Whether you’re big or small, or your staff are near or far, our cloud communication services can help your business perform better by providing agile, feature-rich business communications to every employee.

Of course, we know that you always need to think about cost – that’s why we’ve designed our VoIP telephony bundles with a range of options to make sure you get the most from your voice.

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Latest News

Softphones play a larger part in business communications

OFCOM has reported a total of 6.4 million business fixed lines in use at the end of 2017, a significant drop compared to 8.7 million lines at the end of 2012. The industry is continuing to see a steady decline in the use of traditional telephone lines in favour of mobile and cloud-based services, where an increasing number of users are opting to use their mobile phone as their primary business communication device.

Cut the cord and embrace change

Today, as ever, organisations face many challenges in staying competitive, retaining their customers and controlling costs – it’s a constant business pre-requisite. Firms may on the surface appear to be like a swan – gliding serenely along the surface of the water while their unseen feet are having to furiously paddle faster and faster just to keep up with events taking place around them.