Cloud-based call recording brings a sea-change for SMEs

The use of the cloud for business applications has brought about a sea-change in the way organisations can compete in their market spaces. Products and services that were hitherto only available to larger organisations with the budgets and in house skill sets to maintain them can now be readily accessed by SMBs on a Pay-as-You-Go Software as a Service consumption model.

No more huge CAPEX outlay and no more ongoing maintenance/upgrade costs – just a fixed charge per user per month that easily scalable and an ‘Evergreen’ product that is always up to date.

Call Recording is a typical example of this new model; it’s a great business application but often came at an eye-watering cost for most users.

The Cloud has changed all that. Today, the professional call recording application can be simply deployed to an organisation from the cloud in just the same way as, for example, Office 365.

Call recording from Inclarity enables users to securely capture communications from any device with minimal ongoing management.

Why do organisations use call management?

There are many uses and applications for call management but the two principal drivers are dispute resolution and staff training.

Instead of a back and forth dialogue of ‘he said, she said’ a fast look up and playback of a call recording can settle most disputes in a matter of minutes.

To stay competitive today organisations must be able to deliver customer service excellence but how can you do this when you can only hear one side of a conversation?

The use of call recording with customer facing staff in sales and service environments enables organisations to evaluate the performance of their staff. Management can take action in the form of coaching and training to improve outcomes over any time period and frequency.

Inclarity Dubber Call Recording is fully integrated in to our telephony platform and is the world’s most scalable call recording service and therefore perfect for any size of organisation.

It enables users to think about capturing voice data in a way which they may have never previously considered. Its high availability, unique total scale and true Software as a Service (SaaS) capacity enables users to implement and manage recordings as never before, without the need for hardware or capital expenditure.

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