How are User Communications Expectations Evolving? – Balancing Security with Usability

Just as customer expectations have changed in recent years, there has also been an evolution in user expectations.

For some time now, there has been a significant gap between the kind of experiences offered on consumer-focused devices, and the experiences that people get in the business world.

Part of the reason for that is the consistent need for better privacy and security in the enterprise environment. Businesses have security standards that they need to adhere too, and privacy regulations are growing stricter and more demanding today.

However, despite these extra challenges that companies need to overcome, the gap between enterprise and consumer experiences is beginning to close.

Vendors are taking new steps to create consistency between the experiences you get at home and the ones that you see in the office. People want to be able to access things like HD audio and video wherever they are; users want more consistency in the apps they use at home and at work.

A more consistent experience will be a positive thing for companies, as it will mean that employees don’t have to continually go through new training and guidance before they can begin using modern tools.

If there’s a single standard for how applications and collaboration tools should work across all environments, new tools will become easier to adopt and use. This won’t mean ignoring things like GDPR and privacy regulations, but it will mean that companies need to consider how to balance security with usability.

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