The Benefits of Working with an Agile Service Provider

Change will ultimately occur in every market and organisations needs to be agile to cope with these changes. Complaining about change is like complaining that rocks are hard – they are, so how can we best deal with change.

For organisations to succeed in a constantly changing world, they need to improve their ability to change and adapt. As a result, agility is an important element to succeed in a dynamic environment.

The extent and rate of change that your organisation experiences can be influenced by many external factors. The state of the economy, company growth, changes in technology and the dynamics of a particular market all contribute to what can often be turbulent times.

If your organisation is to remain competitive and take advantage of new opportunities then the ability to anticipate change and adapt quickly is critical.

One of the key areas where business is changing today is customer expectation. Where once a customer would write to a supplier and hope to get a response in say 7-10 days we have rapidly progressed to a time where customer responses need to be immediate if that business is to be retained. The business has to be agile in its response to customers otherwise other suppliers will fill that void pretty quickly.

Today we talk about business agility – the ability to respond rapidly not only to the immediate needs of customers but also address the longer term underlying causes of that need.

Inclarity can help organisations here in two key application areas; collaboration and mobility.

Collaboration will enable organisations to introduce new products and service rapidly based upon a better understanding of their customers’ needs whilst a mobile workforce can far better handle the immediacy of today’s demanding customers.

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