Homeworking – The Easy Way to Do It

It would be totally wrong and inappropriate for those that work from home already to feel smug now that we are set to enter a new phase of the Coronavirus epidemic.

It would however be wholly appropriate to learn from those of us that have been part of the home-working revolution for many years; the kind of set ups we have and how we maximise our productivity in the face of having kids running around our ankles and answering the door to sign for all those Amazon parcels our neighbours have ordered without thinking about getting those big parcels through their letterboxes.

Technology and our access to it has changed incredibly fast and remains the key to successfully working from home albeit technology runs the ability to remain focused on what you need to achieve to keep the boss happy a close second.

For businesses seeking to implement a successful home working environment for their staff and leverage the productivity increase that come from flexible working are some tips to get the program started.

  • Create a digital workplace – today it is not difficult to set up a home working environment. The basic bits of technology you need are a phone, a computer and a decent internet connection. If you have all three then you can work at home.
  • Other technologies may be required for employees to successfully carry out their tasks. Remote access to the files they need is probably the most important and easily achieved by using applications such as Dropbox Business.
  • Be clear with your expectations – go through everything to avoid confusion: key projects and deadlines, important daily or weekly tasks, and scheduled meetings. Be especially clear about hours and availability.
  • Encourage interaction and document sharing between virtual teams. There’s no watercooler moments at home but you can use Team based applications like Bria Enterprise and Dropbox Business to keep everyone feeling involved.
  • Business deadlines and management expectations will still need to be met so schedule remote meetings with staff so they know their outcome targets.

There is much more technology can do to support homeworkers; Inclarity can give valuable advice.  Speak to us now, call 0800 987 8080.

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