A brighter light at the end of the tunnel

With three Coronavirus vaccines close to being pronounced safe and more under development, signs of the country getting back to normal are looking good for Q2/3 next year.

Yet working life as it was before Covid-19 will never be the same again for millions of people. During the pandemic 60% of the UK’s adult population were/are working from home and it is predicted that 26% of these plan to continue to work remotely either permanently or occasionally after the virus has gone.

Prior to the Covid, only a few companies—mainly in the technology sector—had fully embraced remote working. Now businesses that have invested in their digital workforce during the pandemic will see reverting to the old normal as a step backwards.

Business leaders have an essential role to play in building a homeworking culture and implementing the necessary collaboration solutions within their business. However, it is the role of technology providers and resellers to equip their customers with intelligent, secure services to allow their employees to work productively from home, onsite or anywhere in between.

Inclarity is working with its channel partners to provide them with sophisticated communications and collaboration services that will kit-start their customers’ businesses in 2021

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