Achieve business agility by enabling simple, safe and secure collaborative working

Content collaboration with teams used to be a complex operation – making sure all team members were working on the correct file versions was not easy but now, with Dropbox Team Folders that process is professionally managed and curated by Team Administrators.

With Dropbox Business, you can organise members of your team into groups. Share a folder or file with a group to grant access automatically to all group members.

You can even access your Dropbox files directly in Microsoft Teams when you add Dropbox as cloud storage. Any Dropbox user can add Dropbox as cloud storage in their Microsoft Teams account. When you add Dropbox as cloud storage, you can:

• Collaborate with Dropbox shared folder members in Teams
• Open, create, and edit Office files in your Dropbox folder using Microsoft Teams
• Map Dropbox folders to Microsoft Teams Channels

This means you can open, create, and edit Office files stored in Dropbox from your Teams account. Changes made to your Dropbox files in Microsoft Teams sync to your Dropbox account. These changes sync to your connected devices as long as the Dropbox app is running.

Click Files in Microsoft Teams to view your Dropbox files. If you open a Microsoft Office file from your Dropbox folder in Microsoft Teams, the file opens in Office Online. If you open any other file type, you’re taken to the folder that contains that file on

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

The key message is that Dropbox for Business can help organisations achieve business agility by enabling simple, safe and secure collaborative working for workgroups and in an increasingly competitive world where customer expectations are rising, that agility will deliver differentiation for business.

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