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Reduce the cost of business communications and increase user functionality


No business stands still, when you grow and expand, you’ll also need to grow your phone system and traditionally this would have meant ordering more expensive phone lines and additional on premises equipment. Not so with Inclarity solutions as cloud-based systems such as our ease this growth without the need for additional infrastructure.

Reduce the cost of business communications and increase user functionality2019-01-22T11:55:45+00:00

Lower phone bills with Inclarity


Controlling costs, along with retaining customers and gaining competitive advantage, is one of the top three pre-requisites for any business. A business operational cost area that is frequently overlooked is that of communications, an important, but sometimes costly, vital business necessity.

Lower phone bills with Inclarity2019-01-22T11:52:39+00:00

Prioritising Employee Productivity


There appears to be a malaise across British business. When it comes to productivity, output per British worker lagged every G7 country except Japan and in 2016 the gap with the US stood at a massive 27.3 per cent. Putting all that information in front of a workforce automatically, say by a live, real time wallboard, will motivate the workforce to achieve continual improvement. Inclarity and its partners can help business to realise these opportunities.

Prioritising Employee Productivity2019-01-22T11:56:52+00:00

Next Generation Applications


Wouldn’t it be great if all your communications applications were always up to date? Most people would agree with the sentiment but many are still stuck with legacy products and applications that must be upgraded on site by suppliers that charge you for the privilege of having their latest versions – after all it could just be a dressed-up bug fix! Buying products this way comes with many drawbacks, not least of which is suppliers ‘saving up’ new features until they feel they have enough new functionality to get away with charging you that ‘upgrade’ fee. Read more …...

Next Generation Applications2018-12-14T12:27:20+00:00

Making technology a strategic asset


Today, there are new and unique ways that organisations can make technology a strategic asset and a competitive differentiator by increasing investment in infrastructure and applications. But here’s the problem, as technology and functionality progresses, different technologies inevitably pass from being leading edge to legacy. How can businesses be sure that the technology and equipment they invest in today won’t become the Betamax of tomorrow?

Making technology a strategic asset2018-12-14T12:27:33+00:00

The end of fixed line? Keep or cut the cord with Inclarity


In a world where communication has become an integrated experience - messaging, collaboration, analytics and mobility, the ability to embrace all these applications on a single device from any location represents a powerful opportunity to create business agility and enhance competitive advantage that should not be overlooked.

The end of fixed line? Keep or cut the cord with Inclarity2018-12-14T12:27:48+00:00

Inclarity chooses the Bria Stretto softphone to enrich the features of its cloud communications services


Inclarity has selected CounterPath’s Bria Stretto softphone app for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone as their chosen softphone going forward.

Inclarity chooses the Bria Stretto softphone to enrich the features of its cloud communications services2018-12-14T12:28:01+00:00

Softphones play a larger part in business communications


OFCOM has reported a total of 6.4 million business fixed lines in use at the end of 2017, a significant drop compared to 8.7 million lines at the end of 2012. The industry is continuing to see a steady decline in the use of traditional telephone lines in favour of mobile and cloud-based services, where an increasing number of users are opting to use their mobile phone as their primary business communication device.

Softphones play a larger part in business communications2019-01-24T10:30:24+00:00


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