40% of UK businesses have never switched energy suppliers.  If this includes your business you could be spending over the odds on high “out of contract” rates.

Our remit is to offer our customers value-for-money business services, that’s why we’re introducing a new way of purchasing business electricity and gas.

Searching through multiple suppliers, tariffs and jargon to find the cheapest rates can be time consuming and non-productive.  Let us do the donkey work for you!

Lowest Price

We compare 20+ major energy suppliers. Prices can vary by up to 28%. If you only check the price of one supplier, it’s rare that they will have the lowest rates.

Price Capping

Regardless rising oil prices or market fluctuations, our software constantly monitors the market, allowing us to buy energy at the lowest costs and fix your rates for longer.

Bill Validation

Errors in billing are more common that you may realise; are you sure your bills are correct, we will check for you.

Forward Purchasing

Even if you are in contract, we can secure you savings on your next contract today.

Green Energy

These days several energy suppliers provide at least one green energy tariff, which has made it a much more competitive cost. We can help you navigate the terminology and reduce your carbon footprint.

Find out more about saving up to 25% and get a better business energy deal; all it takes is one short call to Inclarity on 0800 987 8080, alternatively contact us via our web enquiry form