Business Needs to Plan Now for a Return to work

Every business or organisation is different and the easing of Coronavirus pandemic restrictions for getting back to work calls for joined up planning depending on whether the business has not been trading at all, trading on a limited basis or trading fully but all staff working from home.

Whichever type your company falls into there are some common-sense issues you will need to address and here the government has issued public health guidance that can be found on the internet.

All the guidance and all common-sense interpretations must be taken on the basis of employee safety being the main priority.

Inclarity points out that staff who travel or visit other company premises may also need additional equipment or briefing. Remote meetings and virtual-conferencing, like Microsoft Teams, should be encouraged wherever possible to minimise the need for staff to travel and/or use public transport.

Many organisations operate over large campus scale locations where staff are located in remote places where communications with other staff members can be difficult. Inclarity can help here too with their Bria Enterprise and Gigaset solutions designed for just such a situation.

For companies considering a phased return to work for their employees, telephony and communications applications that are deployed from the cloud provide you with the “work from anywhere” business agility and flexibility you will need at this time.  We can help navigate you to the right communication solution to suit your changing business circumstances.

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