How to buy cloud telephony: four steps to success

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Reasons to buy cloud telephony

Does your business have people working at multiple offices or people working remotely – at home for example? Do your employees use mobile ‘phones? Do you want to lower all of your company’s telephone bills?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider buying a cloud telephony service.

Making cloud telephony easier for you to buy

Many businesses have reported difficulties in understanding the difference between traditional telephony charges and cloud telephony costs. Inclarity believes that more informed buyers become satisfied customers. That’s why we invest in making it easy for businesses to understand the benefits available from cloud telephony.

Call charges made simple

Cloud telephony routes calls over the Internet using secure computers and connections. This means that any call made between one cloud telephony device and another is free of charge.

You pay call charges when your cloud telephony device calls a regular landline or mobile telephone. Many people call this type of call “breaking out from the cloud” which simply means your cloud phone is using a traditional telephone network and so you have to pay.

By using cloud telephony across all of your organisation’s landlines and mobiles, you make all internal calls free from call charges. Calls to other organisations using cloud telephony are also free.

Traditional telephony costs Cloud telephony costs
Landline monthly rental Monthly licence fee
Call charges from landlines to landlines Call charges for external calls made to traditional landlines and mobiles
Call charges landlines to mobiles
Monthly mobile contract fee
Call charges for exceeding bundled minutes and texts

Last year, thousands of businesses purchased cloud telephony to access these benefits. This year, even more firms will switch from traditional landlines and mobile telephone services to cloud telephony. So, how do you buy cloud telephony effectively and make sure you achieve the best results for your business?

Let’s take a look.

Step one: determine the Return on Investment benefits you expect.

Cloud telephony services have a different Total Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment than traditional phones. If you are using landlines and mobiles, you will be paying line rental fees, mobile package fees and call charges. As we saw above, these costs do not apply to cloud telephony. Instead, you pay a monthly fee and charges for calls you make to any number that does not use cloud telephony.

In other words, the savings you can enjoy depend on the calls you make. The best way to find out how much money you can save is to ask a reputable supplier like Inclarity to analyse your telephone bills. Don’t forget your mobile bills when you do this because it is often the case that the biggest savings come from enabling mobiles to use cloud telephony.

You can benefit from cloud telephony in more ways than simply lowering your phone bills. Companies that use cloud telephony grow 26% faster than companies that don’t because they use features of the service to improve productivity, customer service and business agility.

To help you scope the commercial benefits you could secure with cloud telephony, Inclarity has developed an easy-to-use calculator. The simplest way to use the calculator is to circle the things that are important to you, your objectives, and then ask an experienced cloud telephony provider like Inclarity to explain how they will help you to achieve them.

Step 2: check service reliability

Ask potential suppliers to show you how reliable their service is. Poor service reliability is the biggest reason for changing cloud telephony provider today. All reputable suppliers will have service reliability statistics that they will be happy to share with you. Today, there are plenty of suppliers to choose from and – on the surface – little difference between them. Your business depends on your telephony; do not take chances with it. Ask for evidence of service reliability and what actions the provider takes in the event of any problems. Inclarity operates a fully redundant cloud telephony service and is one of the very few suppliers in the UK to guarantee 100% service availability.

Good advice!

Do not risk using a domestic broadband connection for your business cloud telephony. Don’t use a single broadband connection for your cloud telephony and your data. If you do either of these, your telephony will let you down sooner or later.

The cheapest service isn’t always the best. Lower cost services have little or no customer support. Unfortunately, there are many organisations using free or cheap services that have suffered telephony outages for days or even weeks with no access to help or just online help to fall back on.

Step 3: make sure you can support remote and mobile workers

Make sure your provider can support mobile devices. Not all providers can supply an app for mobiles that equips them to make and receive cloud telephony calls. Inclarity supplies and supports Broadsoft’s

Make sure your provider can support mobile devices. Not all providers can supply an app for mobiles that equips them to make and receive cloud telephony calls. Inclarity supplies and supports Broadsoft’s world leading app for mobile cloud telephony.

Step 4: check the security of your service

Make sure your provider has adequate security protection. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated. Some hackers target voice services. This isn’t a problem as long as your supplier has proper security protection.

The most serious problem today is international toll fraud. Sophisticated hackers set up very expensive international premium rate numbers. They then arrange to call these numbers using someone else’s telephone system. As a result, the criminals receive large payouts for receiving the calls while the owner of the exploited telephony system is liable for the bill for placing the calls. The financial impact of this activity could range from a few hundred pounds, to tens of thousands of pounds. Despite lobbying by providers not just in the UK but in many other countries, the wider international telecommunications industry has yet to take any action to curb this kind of activity. That’s why it is very important for you to check the security credentials of your telephony supplier. Inclarity has proven methods and state-of-the art technology for preventing security breaches on its telephony services. You can find more details in Inclarity’s security white paper – access the white paper.


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