Challenging communications environments

There are many applications and sales opportunities for resellers with Inclarity’s Gigaset DECT wireless communications systems which are suitable for businesses and organisations of any size.

For example, there can’t be many of our reseller partners that do not have a number of car dealerships or vehicle service centres in close proximity that would benefit from having continuous availability and coverage across their site. After all, given the typical unit cost of sales and servicing, missing just one call could prove expensive.

However, that’s quite a challenge when staff are working all over the office, show room, workshops or even on the road – how do you make sure that customers are able to reach your dealership and are put through to the right person quickly and efficiently?

Having a Gigaset N720IP system means that all your sales people and other key staff are always available, by being in range of the system, even if they are not at a desk. The multi-cell DECT system can be deployed with up to 30 radio base stations to ensure total coverage and seamless roaming. This can also be useful when there is no Ethernet cabling in all parts of your premises, or if GSM mobile coverage is poor.

Taking a Gigaset DECT single-cell or multi-cell system also means your employees can choose from a wide variety of handsets from the Gigaset range. For users in more challenging physical environments – such as factories, warehouses, laboratories – Inclarity can offer the Gigaset R650H handset, which is ruggedized to be both shock resistant and water proof.

Inclarity’s Gigaset systems integrate fully with our hosted, cloud based IP telephony solutions – for example, Receptionists can easily manage the routing of calls to employees regardless of whether they are using a desk phone, or a DECT device on the Gigaset system. This integration also extends to advanced features such as call recording, call logging and unified messaging.

Talk to us about this and many more compelling reasons to become an Inclarity reseller.


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