Customer Service is at the heart of Inclarity

Excellent customer service is at the heart of everything Inclarity does. We strive to ensure all our customers are satisfied with our services through continual monitoring of our processes, procedures and technology.  Inclarity’s collective expertise has made us a very safe pair of hands for our channel Partners and end users, here’s why:

Customer Churn
Over 99% of our customers remained with us after the first year of service. This retention rate is one of the highest in the marketplace, thanks to our excellent customer service

Resilience and Speed
Our network service up-time, average response rate and fix times continue to remain unrivalled:
• 99.99% Service up-time
• 5 Seconds customer service average response time
• Under 2 hours average issue fix-time

Customer Satisfaction
Businesses increasingly need their suppliers to be flexible and assist with all aspect of their queries. Our can-do attitude to help resolving any questions has allowed us to achieve over 98% customer satisfaction with ongoing tickets as monitored actively by our CRM

Network Monitoring
As we continue to enhance our network, new network monitoring tools are being implemented that will allow us to monitor, report, review and predict incidents proactively so customers can be reassured business continuity is maintained

Our regular account reviews allow customers to directly provide feedback on all aspect of our services and this ensure we are continually listening to our customers and being proactive to their needs

We have a 24/7 fault handling and customer service 365 days a year handled by our own staff within the UK

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