De-Risking Communications with Inclarity OPEX Bundles

Investing in a technology re-fresh is a means to increasing market competitiveness for enterprises; in communications it can allow for increased business agility, better ways to deliver customer excellence and greater opportunity to achieve competitive advantage.

In the past, such technological changes would also come with the risks of buying solutions that could be outdated quickly or continually need expensive associated equipment and require on-going ‘maintenance’ releases to be installed to keep pace with both industry changes and user expectations.

Unfortunately for many organisations all they get is the promise to repeat the whole process again every three to five years.

Inclarity recognises these issues but has a simple solution, based upon their Hosted Telephony Platform, that does away with the need to purchase expensive communications infrastructure and instead offers an OPEX based, pay-as-you-go alternative that includes all the key elements of a modern communications system.

This brings many advantages for the user. For example, the solution can be simply scaled up as business needs demand and if business needs change it can be scaled back instead of continuing to pay for services and equipment not being used.

Because the Inclarity solutions is a Hosted System is also means that it will be automatically updated when new features and services become available as part of the service. You could call it an evergreen solution.

Included in the list of services included in the Inclarity bundled offer are the telephony users licence, call recording, handset and call minutes all under one simple monthly charge.

Inclarity is also constantly adding additional value to our bundles as well as providing more
choice of premium brand handsets and device options.

For users the Inclarity Bundled solutions provides a true value for money opportunity to not get left behind by technological change and all the benefits it can provide without the risks of financial investments nor an ageing CAPEX alternative.

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