Flexible working isn’t just for employees, ultimately it benefits organisations

One of the big questions being asked in boardrooms up and down the country is ‘have we built a workforce that is adaptive and operationally nimble enough to capitalise on unpredictable market trends?’.

Mitigating against market disruption has been one of the key drivers for digital workspace transformation – making work simple, intuitive, and digitally enabled to help your people and your business grow and thrive.

Inclarity believes that with their solutions remote working and virtual teaming is increasingly a reality for any organisation.  For example, the quality of each employee’s experience and increasing the speed of their decision making will have a direct and positive influence on the impact of their contribution towards customer service excellence and this depends, to a large extent, on frictionless digital collaboration.

Mobility applications such as Bria Enterprise from Inclarity and our seamless home and remote working experiences remove the possibilities of organisations and their employees feeling isolated in the land of technical plenty.

As the pace of business continues to accelerate real-time communications, such as video, makes it easier to collaborate both within your organisation and outside of your organisation.

Video allows people to communicate complicated concepts quickly and effectively. It’s faster to show someone something on a video call than it is to write it down or explain it over the phone.

Analyst firm Gartner says that organisations that let workers choose their own style of workspace will increase retention rates by more than 10 percent.
Businesses that want to attract and retain top talent have no choice but to embrace smart workspaces such as these and Inclarity can provide secure remote access so employees can work from anywhere without having to worry about confidential company information.

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