Getting Back to Work With Inclarity Call2Teams

According to the science and the politicians, the UK would seem to have reached its coronavirus peak and potentially its threat would be on the way down. A good analogy however might be to consider we got to that peak like a ride in an express elevator whilst we are going to have to use the staircase to get back down.

Over the last couple of months new phrases have entered our everyday lexicon; social distancing, working from home and the ‘new normal’ being just a few.

The ‘new normal’ is an interesting one as it implies that we are unlikely to ever get back to the way we were pre-coronavirus any time soon and that we will have to get used to new ways of socialising and working. Until the world finds an effective cure and a vaccine this is likely to be the case.

For businesses, especially those without a remote working element to their business continuity plans, suddenly had to turn on a sixpence and rush headlong in to deploying remote working solutions. Probably they have used convenient applications such as Whatsapp or Zoom – applications they used at home.

We are seeing some businesses slowly be returning to normal. Albeit in a phased manner with employees returning if safe to do so and others remaining at home.  Indeed some firms are rotating office time with working from home so, with less people in the office, social distancing can take place.

Inclarity believes that now is the time for businesses to re-evaluate the communications tools their home and office workers are using; moving them away from applications with poor data security and little functionality towards more professional business grade applications.

This is why Inclarity Call2Teams can transform performance and data security for both office and home workers. Adding voice and calls to Teams delivers a stepchange in user productivity and the effectiveness of the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform. The implementation of Call2Teams is performed through an intuitive web portal, doesn’t require any hardware or software and importantly, no disruption to your company phone system.

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