How analytics can give you competitive advantage

Organisations today are often waist deep in business data and in danger of being utterly overwhelmed. The trouble is that we know the keys to successful decision making are somewhere inside this mountain of information but are unsure where to start looking.

Decision makers have fairly limited cognitive processing capacity so consequently, when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur. At this point your organisation has become ‘Information Rich but Knowledge Poor’.

Inclarity can help unlock data so it can be turned in to a force for competitive advantage with Zoe, a collection of call recording intelligence modules, innovative products and services by Dubber that is revolutionising the communications and call recording industry.

Dubber’s Zoe allows deep insight into the content of your communications data with built in features that provide a host of powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solutions such as Smart Search and Sentiment Analysis. Further, bespoke to your specific business data, can be unlocked via the Zoe open Application Programming Interface (API) to realise limitless use cases.

With Dubber’s Smart Search, users can deploy advanced search features to locate previous recordings through a series of metrics such as sentiment, date, location, specific phrases, and many more. What’s more, Smart Search can work on any call recording, whether it was recorded with Dubber or not, and so can be implemented as a stand-alone service.

The Keywords feature allows organisations to intelligently track specific phrases and keywords on their call recordings. This helps organisations to efficiently sort through recordings and identify certain words as triggers and tag these words to be highlighted on all other and future recordings.

AI based applications such as these can be integrated with other Inclarity cloud-based applications such as our hosted telephony and call recording solutions and can be used to solve problems across the board.

As part of an overall set of applications from Inclarity AI can help businesses increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes and provide predictive analysis.

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