How businesses are turning the data they harvest into commercial advantage

Remember time everyone use to complain about data overload? You don’t hear that said too often these days and here’s the reason why.

It’s true that today businesses produce more data that ever – almost every interaction we have with companies from sales to service is recorded somewhere as a data point. Today, that data is highly valued and for businesses that leverage its use, data is equivalent to a currency.

The key goal for organisations then is to turn the data they are harvesting in to commercial advantage – to improve their productivity.

Right now the UK does not have a great track record when it comes to improving productivity. Historically, UK labour productivity has grown by around 2% per year but since the 2008/2009 recession it has stagnated and the productivity gap has widened. Output per hour worked in the UK was 15.1% below the average for the rest of the G7 advanced economies in 2016.

Today, for UK businesses, improving productivity is on a par with their desire to improve customer service excellence as a goal.

At Inclarity, we say you can have both – the two objectives are both highly valid and certainly not mutually exclusive. Neither need their achievement be painfully complex, expensive nor restricted to large enterprises.

Inclarity offers the Akixi Call Management and Analytics solution within their cloud based telephony solution.  This VoIP cloud telephony OPEX based model means organisations only pay Inclarity for the services they use monthly rather than legacy PBX based solutions that require up-front costs and expensive ongoing maintenance and feature upgrades.

Working within Inclarity’s voice service the Akixi Call Management and Analytics solution has many features which will boost your productivity:

• Identify your unreturned lost calls
• Report on call traffic by half hour, day or week
• Show potential revenue in your call-waiting queue
• View wallboards via your browser and the mobile app
• Schedule reports and charts directly to your inbox

Today we are in a digital age; many employees, especially the Millennial generation and younger, like to do everything on their phone and that means not just phone contact. They like messaging and they like chat. So do you know how many emailed sales enquiries they get every day and what the response times and success rates are for each of these?

Akixi can measure these key indicators and provide customisable management reports to highlight potential pain or pinch points which once relieved will improve productivity as well as customer support.

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