How do you Measure Up? – The Value of Reporting

Looking at bottom-line results in areas such as spending, sales or profits doesn’t help you understand how or why you reached those results nor how to improve your performance. Similarly, how do you know if your clients are happy with your customer service department or perhaps fed up with long call queuing times?

The fact of the matter is that it’s very difficult to manage what you don’t measure. Setting goals and measuring progress in areas that don’t necessarily show end-of-year results will help you incrementally improve your operations in many areas, leading to exponential growth in profits.

In every functional area of your business, identifying a small handful of performance metrics that drive the outcomes you seek on a day to day, and week to week basis then monitoring the results will reveal progress against those goal and where improvements can be made. By functional area, I am referring to departments like marketing, sales, product development, operations, customer service, finance etc. Once you get clear on the outcomes, the results you want in each area, you can drill down to determine the activity and effectiveness measures which drive these outcomes.

Results are important but you can’t ‘manage’ results. However, you can manage the activity and effectiveness of your people in order to achieve those results.

The Inclarity Akixi call management and reporting application is an invaluable tool to measure progress against goals and here’s just one example of how it can improve results and profits in an organisation.

If you could know how many customers calls your sales department received that would be useful but if as well as that number you also knew how many calls were missed and unanswered that would be better. If you then knew how many of those missed calls were never called back by your sales team then that metric is invaluable.

Why’s that? Because if you know the average revenue value of each sales call you can easily work out how much business you’ve lost by multiplying it by the number of unreturned missed calls. And because Inclarity’s Akixi lets you see these numbers you can now call the customers back and try and win the orders.

Furthermore, in an age where mobility provides business agility, all these metrics and measurement tools are available on a mobile device application to management action can be taken from wherever managers are located.  That’s more than agility, it’s competitive advantage!

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