#HowToGrow your Business with Mobile Technologies (Part 2)

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How to grow your business with mobile technologies

In this article, we focus on how mobile technologies can underpin growth.

Most British businesses are prioritising sales growth and efficiency improvements over other corporate activities. Mobile technologies are playing a significant role in achieving these aims.

Almost 15% of the UK’s workforce is mobile. Firms with the right approach to mobile working are growing faster, boosting productivity and strengthening efficiencies. According to the Boston Consulting Group, organisations that use mobile technologies effectively are growing their revenues two times faster than those who don’t.

Yet it isn’t easy to gain these benefits. Research by Frost & Sullivan shows that 41% of businesses find supporting mobile workers a major challenge. On top of this difficulty, understanding the value of mobile technologies is a major problem for almost 40% of companies.

How to grow your business with mobile technologies

To accelerate your growth using mobile technologies, consider revenues, efficiencies, cost control and innovation. The table below outlines actual benefits achieved by SMEs from using mobile worker facilities in combination with business cloud telephony

Increased revenues

Adding mobile extensions to cloud telephony has eliminated missed calls because the agile call routing capabilities offered by cloud telephony can be set up to assure calls are always answered.

Combining mobile working and office telephony features has enabled businesses to reach more customers using facilities like click-to-dial, advanced contact search and call preview.

Improved efficiencies

Co-ordinating the use of mobile and cloud telephony has increased worker productivity by saving people time taken to contact others and by streamlining processes.

Combining mobile and office telephony has led to fewer project overruns and fewer missed deadlines.

Lower costs

Converting mobile numbers into cloud telephony extensions has reduced bills because calls between cloud phones incur no usage costs.


Intelligently using mobile and cloud telephony facilities together has enabled companies to change the way they do business. For example, professional services firms use find me/ follow me facilities to make sure key clients can always contact their advisor through a single number.

Worker mobility features have allowed businesses to be more innovative. For example, some companies enable click to dial from their websites to make it much easier for prospects and customers to contact them.

#HowToGrow your business with mobile technologies

Using a combination of mobile working and cloud telephony brings an array of tangible benefits to a business. Securing the right solution for your business can be difficult because there are many ways to co-ordinate how mobile and cloud telephony technologies work together. With the right advice, you will benefit from no missed calls, better conformance to business deadlines, improved worker productivity and opportunities to innovate. On the other hand, with the wrong advice, you could find yourself in a position where you are losing more calls because the mobile and cloud technologies are not synchronised properly. The same applies to worker productivity improvement and innovation. Choosing an experienced and flexible supplier to advise you is a very important step.

When you approach a supplier to advise you, ask them

how mobile technologies allow Small and Medium sized Enterprises to grow faster
how co-ordinating mobile and cloud telephony technologies increases worker productivity – how intelligent implementation of worker mobility allows companies to improve the way they do business

By asking these questions, you will be able to validate your own thinking as well as gather new ideas about how these technologies can strengthen your business. With this strong base of advice, you are in the ideal position to continue the conversation with your trusted supplier and focus in on the best solution for you.

For more information about how to grow your business with mobile technologies, read the full white paper which you will find at www.Inclarity.co.uk/whitepapers

About #HowToGrow

UK businesses employing up to 250 people are vital to the health of the British economy. They are the largest creator of jobs. They earn £1600 billion in revenues. According to the London Stock Exchange, the top 6% of smaller companies are set to create 230,000 new jobs and add another £38 billion to the economy.

The Confederation of British Industry, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Innovation Value Institute underline the importance of effective use of technology to the success of the SME. This prompted Inclarity to develop a series of #HowToGrow guides to show how to use new technologies to underpin growth and provide practical action plans to get you started.


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We are the UK’s leading provider of Hosted Telephony, Hosted UC and Hosted Video solutions. We help our customers, who are generally small businesses, mid-sized enterprises and branch networks, to communicate more effectively while reducing costs by migrating to our cloud-based platforms.

Formed in 1991 as a telecommunications provider, Inclarity saw the potential of VoIP and foresaw that hosted telephony could transform the way businesses communicate. In 2003 we launched our first cloud-based telephony service and since then, have continued to evolve and enhance our platform to deliver one of the most comprehensive range of services available in the UK.

Today we deliver a highly secure, resilient and feature-rich, cloud-based telephony, unified communications and video service on a pay-as-you-use basis.

At Inclarity, we combine a flare for innovation with a passion for service. This combination enables us to be a market leader with our technology and to deliver exceptional value to our customers.


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