As further commitment to our Channel Partners and their customers we have added Redbox call recording as a standard feature within all of our cloud telephony bundles.

The use of the Cloud for business applications like call recording has brought about a sea-change in the way organisations can compete in their market spaces. It has made available products and services for SMB businesses that were only accessible to larger organisations.

Enzo Viscito, Inclarity’s Managing Director, says “nowadays call recording has become a must-have service required by businesses of all sizes. Firms are always striving for cost effective ways to better understand the needs of their clients. The more information they can gather on their customers the better informed they are when making decisions on improving service levels and introducing new products and services. We appreciate the efficiencies that call recording can offer our Partners’ customers which has prompted us to provide it within all our bundled services. Our Redbox call recording service, unlike that provided by other service providers, includes 12 months storage at no cost whatsoever. This will allow our Partners to differentiate their services and give them a competitive edge.”

Inclarity’s bundles, which now include call recording, start with the “Flexi”, which incorporates a Broadsoft license, national landline and mobile minutes and 24 x 7 customer support. Other bundles are available, and include options such as handsets, softphones for mobile and desktop. Remarkably call recording is also available within their LifeTime license bundle which gives a permanent right of use of the Broadsoft license.