Inclarity points to new opportunities for mobile communications resellers

2019 is an exciting time for resellers active in the mobile communications market.

By August this year, EE, Vodafone and Three will have launched their 5G services in selected parts of the UK with the promise of coverage to more cities by the end of the year. Analyst firms are predicting that 5G handsets will account for 51.4% of all smartphone shipments by 2023.

But the opportunities for resellers go far beyond the anticipated handset sales and 5G network contracts that this next stage in the evolution of mobile communications is expected to deliver.

Inclarity believes that the introduction of 5G will provide the opportunity for greater integration of applications, a wider choice of connectivity options for the current set of Unified Communications (UC) solutions as well as a whole raft of new and different applications.

Digital Britain is a very broad concept which hinges on one fundamental building block… connectivity, and with 5G, the capability of mobile connectivity will shift up through the gears.

Significant amongst the recent carrier 5G announcements is a mobile broadband service where no physical exchange line to the premises is required but still delivering fast, fibre equivalent speeds.

It’s a fact that in an increasingly cloud based world nothing really works, no user experience is delivered and most businesses grind to halt without effective connectivity.

For mobile communications resellers the opportunities to widen their portfolio of products, services and applications is set to take off and by talking to Inclarity we can help you on that journey to new and additional income streams from your customer base.

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