Inclarity Prioritise Live People Not Bots

According to a statistical report by HubSpot, the US developer of software products for in-bound marketing, only 21% of customers believe that chatbots are the best and easiest way to initiate a conversation with any business.

One of the complex problems about chatbots is due to fixed programs, chatbots can be stuck if an unsaved query is presented in front of them. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction and result in loss which is also caused by the multiple messaging that can be taxing for users and deteriorate the overall user experience on the website and of the company in general.

It is one of the significant limitations of chatbots. These chatbots are programmed in a way that they only know what they are taught. They cannot understand the context of humans, and this is a massive gap that can even lead to an irate customer.

The AI-powered smart-bots can understand the general context, but 40 out of 100 use cases are not related to the general context.

Inclarity reminds us that chatbots have no emotions, and they cannot relate to any low situation. Having no emotions means a chatbot can never establish a connection with the customer, which is crucial for the growth of any business.

This is why Inclarity place so much of our credibility on the fact that we focus our customer service on getting the caller on the line to a real person who will understand the context of the call within 5 seconds, able to research the answer to issue, and be empathetic to the emotion of the caller.  The average issue fix time currently stands at under 2 hours.

Inclarity solutions focus on getting calls to the right person, even in these times when a high proportion of staff are working remotely from home, so that callers receive the high level of secure customer service needed to retain them as customers.


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