Inclarity Shows how to Increase Productivity in Bad Weather

More and more people are working from home or remote branch offices today – a trend that continues to grow. The practice brings benefits to both the employer, who can recruit from a wider pool of talent, and the employee who gets an improved work-life balance through not spending hours commuting each day.

Employees working in the comfort and warmth of their home office looking out on a snow filled vista can be excused a smile to themselves safe in the knowledge they don’t have travel to and from work.

It also seems increasingly the case that throughout the year these days there is always some part of the UK that is suffering from flooding. It’s no joke for residents but also bad business for companies trying to get a workforce up to speed for the day.

Inclarity says that it needed be like this for business or for employees struggling to get in to the office.

Hosted telephony solutions such as those from Inclarity can enable employees to work at home just as if they were sat at their desks, making and receiving calls and accessing their work files.

The UK suffers from a productivity problems compared to many of our G7 economics partners but solutions such as these can quickly turn that situation around for your company.

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