Inclarity Shows Bria Enterprise to be a Key Enabler of Digital Transformation

Enterprises are constantly seeking out competitive advantage and in recent times have turned their focus towards digital transformation (DX) as a route to not only achieve that advantage but to also mitigate against the possibility of their business being disrupted by more nimble competitors.

DX can be achieved by the transformation of existing technology; deploying new applications that can deliver customer centric outcomes to provide the level of customer service excellence required in highly competitive markets.

Inclarity understands this; its Hosted Telephony service for example enables increased mobility in the workforce not only through simply connecting home or remote office working but by also integrating the disparate communications devices typically found in business – the deskphone and the mobile device.

For business clients the frustration with these two devices is what number to reach suppliers on and invariably a failed call to the landline is followed by a further call to the mobile and the result is often messages left on both devices!

For many employees today the mobile phone is their preferred weapon of choice but despite all its functionality the smartphone lacks the ability to call either other extensions nor access corporate directories.

With Inclarity Bria Enterprise smartphone app these challenges are solved by enabling the business or employee-owned smartphone to become another extension on your corporate voice platform.

Inclarity offers the Bria Enterprise softphone app for desktop and mobile platforms which can be used in conjunction with – or as a replacement for – your desk phone. After installing the app your chosen device immediately becomes another extension of your business phone system.

Furthermore the use of the softphone is well-suited to a bring-your-own-device (BOYD) environment, where the app can be used exclusively for calls related to your organisation, without the need to provide the user with another physical device.

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