Making technology a strategic asset

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In PwC’s recent 20th annual CEO global survey, when asked ‘To what extent do CEOs think technology will change competition in their industry over the next 5 years?’, seventy-five percent of more than 1,300 chief executives said that technology will either significantly or completely reshape their industry.

And of those, 23% believe that technology will indeed completely reshape their industry – and furthermore, if we agree the pace of change is accelerating, then the time frames in which we have to make choices is truncating.

Getting to an overall strategy that works for an organisation is difficult and often has unintended consequences that can derail efforts.

For example, a strategy to make the organisation agile and resilient often results in constantly reacting to market changes rather than shaping capabilities in order to dominate markets while decisions to ‘go lean’ and cut costs across the board instead of cutting costs to grow stronger by investing most of the budget in your distinctive capabilities.

Today, there are new and unique ways that organisations can make technology a strategic asset and a competitive differentiator by increasing investment in infrastructure and applications.

But here’s the problem, as technology and functionality progresses, different technologies inevitably pass from being leading edge to legacy.

How can businesses be sure that the technology and equipment they invest in today won’t become the Betamax of tomorrow?

The good news is that not all technology is destined to have such a short day in the sun and one way to make sure of gaining an enduring investment in technology is deploy your business applications, including telephony and unified communications, in the Cloud.

An immediate benefit here is that with our hosted telephony service there is no up-front capital investment required.  Simply subscribe to one of our ‘All Inclusive’ minutes bundles or take our ‘Pay-As-You-Use’ service where you benefit from free calls between offices or employees working at home or significantly cheaper local, national and international call charges.

Business has seen the benefits of the cloud for some time; faster deployment, lower costs based on a pay-as-you-consume services model, and most significantly, having business applications that are always maintained at the optimum level of functionality and performance your organisation needs to compete.

At Inclarity we aim to futureproof technology for our customers by working with key technology partners such as Broadsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Polycom, Virtual1 and Oracle to ensure that our platform adheres to the latest versions and industry standards.

A constantly evolving roadmap allows our customers to benefit automatically from the latest features and developments with the result that our customers are freed from the operational and financial burden of maintaining their own equipment and software.

Cloud based applications allow organisations to become agile, but not just in the sense of reacting to market threats but most importantly also in terms of gaining competitive advantage.

For example, with Inclarity solutions you can flex your usage up and down in response to demand or any season fluctuations. This means you can scale operations rapidly without committing to long contracts. You will be able to deploy satellite workers and seamlessly transition between different locations and offices whilst your staff can take calls on the move, anywhere around the world.

All this with a proven 99.999% service availability.

So, if you want increased functionality from your technology assets that are always up to date and lean then Inclarity and our channel partners can position technology as that strategic asset rather than just a cost of doing business by helping organisations compete more effectively in their own markets.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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