Management & Analytics – The Road to Man Management

The road to increased productivity frequently lies in effective man management; how do you know who is doing well in your sales teams or service department for example.

And what about lost calls to your organisation? Do you know how many were lost? Who they were from? Do you know the value of each call you take.

Carefully crafted sales campaigns cost a lot in time and effort to put together but do you know which are producing the best results for your company?

I’m sure you’ll agree these are not unreasonable questions to ask but do you really know the answers. Can team leaders substantiate what they are telling you with cold hard facts rather than anecdotal ‘gut feels’?

Inclarity Akixi Call Management and Analytics can provide crystal clear facts for management including how many calls were not answered nor had return calls made to the caller? If the business can’t answer then they are just throwing productivity in to the wind and losing income. All the effort put in to marketing products and services to generate business is wasted.

Akixi can establish how much resource and income is wasted; just multiply the lost calls by a typical conversion rate and an average order value. Do it daily, weekly and monthly and you get a big number.

Another scenario Akixi can address is marketing effectiveness. For example, which promotional sales campaigns are the most effective for the organisation? How do they assess each?

Applications such as Akixi can, if a different, discrete phone number is assigned to each campaign, measure the success and rate each accordingly. You can see which contact channel was the busiest, which channel was most productive in terms of sales. All that before you even get to see who was the most successful call handler in converting sales.


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