Metrics: Managing with Facts ‘What gets measured gets done’

The old adage of ‘What gets measured gets done’ has stood the test of time and is as valid today in the digital age as it was back in the day – only now we can automate the process of measuring business metrics and report upon them in real time.

The benefits of reporting can spread wide and deep within an organisation; starting with employee engagement where, according to research from the Gallup organisation, engagement begins with each employee being able to strongly agree with the statement, ‘I know what is expected of me at work’.

Metrics help to clarify performance expectations for your functional teams and provide objective measures of performance – in turn, this enables a higher degree of being able to ‘manage by facts’.

When you have current, up to date or real time performance metrics displayed on a live wallboard, the manager can quickly see which teams need praise and acknowledgement, and discover which people need help and support. This helps to ensure consistency of performance and consistency of outcomes.

Metrics, such as those measured and reported upon by Inclarity’s Akixi application help managers run more effective meetings.

You can’t run a good meeting without good data. You are wasting your time, as well as wasting the time of those attending; it’s an area where many companies struggle.

Progress occurs in organisations in many ways. In addition to increasing sales, you can decrease your overhead and production costs, reduce debt, decrease staff turnover, improve the return on your marketing investment, increase digital traffic to your social media pages and website, gain market share, increase repeat business, decrease returns and customer complaints and improve receivables turnover.

While working to improve any one of these areas might not seem to offer a big payback, multiply that number by 10 or more and you’ll see how a comprehensive and continuous improvement program covering many areas can help your profits skyrocket.

Inclarity sees metrics as the means to drive the business model and clarify performance expectations and Akixi can help by delivering the following benefits.

  • Clarification of the current business position and performance expectations
  • Benchmarking – providing a point of reference for making future or past comparisons
  • Focus on the important aspects for attention within the business
  • Consistency by enabling an unswerving approach to achieving business goals
  • Motivation – engaging employees with company goals
  • Accountability – revealing both good performance and under performance
  • Elimination of waste – helping to identify inefficiencies within the business

Like to know more about how business measurement and reporting by Inclarity Akixi could help your organisation?  Get in touch!

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