Over the last decade the number of organisations using call recording has exploded.

There are many reasons for this; firstly the cost of call recording applications has fallen to a level that it has become affordable by any company and not just the enterprise and corporate user.

A second major factor in the growth of call recording in business has been the increasing need for organisations to be in compliance with changing and challenging industry regulation. In particular these regulations have impacted those organisations within the financial sector regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority (formerly FSA) and the so termed ‘Blue-Lights’ sector of fire, police and ambulance services. More recently, most organisations today also have to comply with the GDPR for data privacy.

The industry has responded to these challenges and can provide solutions that meet these sophisticated and often complex regulations with solutions that automate these new process requirements.

The third significant development in call recording is the availability of the application to be delivered from the cloud as a service rather than it being a purely ‘on-premise’ solution. The cloud deployment model offers true scalability from SME to Enterprise, and an ‘evergreen’, always up to date application and predictable monthly costs.

With Inclarity now providing Red Box call recording as a standard and integral part of their hosted telephony service bundles, resellers have even greater opportunity to not only upgrade their base but to also target a wider range of prospective clients.

As well Inclarity’s existing Dubber call recording and mobile client applications the addition of Redbox to our offering provides a larger set of Enterprise Class applications to organisations of any size.

Voice is powerful – it is spontaneous, intuitive and natural. Conversations convey context and sentiment, they build over time and help us understand each other. As a data set, Inclarity believes that voice holds much more value than any other means of communication.

Unlocking this data can provide invaluable insight with a huge number of potential business outcomes, such as addressing automation, security, fraud or enhancing employee engagement and the customer experience.