Make your customers sticky

Differentiate your services with mobile team collaboration

Team collaboration applications can be accessed on most devices and at any location making their deployment a must for businesses with mobile and remote workers


The key to loyal customers is being able position technology as a strategic asset by helping clients to become agile and able to compete more effectively in their own markets.

A good majority of companies workforces now include remote workers, mobile workers and those with national or international footprints; therefore businesses are now investing in software to connect and allow easy staff collaboration.

The key for resellers is how will the team collaboration application integrate and work with the user’s core communications platform which is why Inclarity is pleased to be working with Stretto, an application fully integrated in to our platform for mobile collaborative working within teams.

Make your services sticky by fully integrating mobile team collaboration into your cloud communications and offer voice and video calls, IM and screen share, for up to 4 devices per user.

We all want loyal and sticky customers and there’s no doubt that team collaboration apps fit that mould in terms of having users relying on the reseller as both the trusted advisor and the supplier.