Solutions for remote and mobile working headaches

Mobility, or the ability to work and communicate from any device and any geographical location, is changing the workplace.

The benefits of being able to do this have been well documented.

For the enterprise, having a mobile workforce increases business agility in terms of being more responsive to customer needs – clients don’t want to hear that the person they need to talk to is unavailable. Voicemail just doesn’t cut it as alternative suppliers are just a click or call away.

For many organisations there are also locations within their business where communications with staff can be problematic.

You know the areas; a warehouse or storage facility on say a campus or in a supermarket or department store. Maybe a garden centre, a large hotel with remote facilities – the list is probably endless.

It’s not as if the ubiquitous cell phone is an answer because in most cases the caller to these areas has dialled the main organisations number and is ‘stuck’ with the reception position and unable to transfer the call – and it could be a sales call! Or it could just as easily be a personal safety call to or from a lone worker in a remote area that needs assistance.

There’s also little point going to the expense of running a fixed line phone out to these areas as it’s likely the person you want to speak with is never in a set or static location anyway.

Inclarity has a great cost effective and scalable solution for these applications that integrates with our hosted cloud based telephony system and can be deployed fast.

Our Gigaset N720IP system allows up to 100 users to seamlessly roam between 20 base stations on the same local network. Based on the long established and reliable DECT wireless standard and capable of supporting up to 30 concurrent calls the system can make or receive calls internally or externally via DECT.

Customers will be happy, lone workers will feel safe and productivity will rise.

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