Voice and video conferencing

We know there’s nothing quite like the collaborative energy of a successful boardroom meeting. Don’t miss out: join a virtual conference room from your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC without the need to invest in expensive boardroom equipment, conference bridges or routers. It’s simply delivered through the cloud.


Permanent virtual boardrooms

Our video conferencing software gives you permanent virtual boardrooms where you can connect with colleagues, customers and suppliers for productive face-to-face video meetings.

Easy set-up

Invite people to join meetings in your virtual boardroom by sending them a personal URL.

Mobile and desktop

Join in with either an app on your smartphone or tablet, or by using the video conference software for PC.

Pay as you go

There’s no up-front fees. Our video conferencing is a hosted service with a range of cost-effective monthly subscriptions.

Document sharing

All users can share either their entire desktop or specific windows during calls. You can flip between the content you wish to share, and there’s a free iPad app that lets you annotate shared documents in real time.

Voice conference bridge

We also offer unmetered voice conference bridge numbers that can be accessed by any moderator or guest using an appropriate pin number.

Transform the way you communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers with our video conferencing solutions.