Increase business productivity and efficiency by using Inclarity's softphone, and give yourself all the benefits of your phone system wherever you go.


Inclarity’s softphone app, for both voice and video services, enables you to use your laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile devices, as a fully-featured extension of your Inclarity business phone system. In addition, the app fully supports bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments, meaning you can enable employees at any location, without needing to issue them with their own dedicated, physical telephones.

For an enhanced experience, Inclarity offers a Business Bundle giving Instant Messaging (IM), presence and screen sharing features on up to 4 devices.

Reduced Call Costs

  • Use the app instead of your SIM to make savings on your mobile phone calls.

Smaller Hardware Footprint

  • Deploy the app as an alternative to installing physical desk phones.

Single Number Reach

  • Offer a single telephone number as a point of contact which can ring you wherever you are, on any device of your choice.

Increased Productivity

  • The ease in communicating with your colleagues leads to a more productive and efficient working environment.

Whether in the office, working at home, out at a business meeting, travelling abroad or on holiday, your office is instantly with you giving you all your available call features.

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