Unified communications

Collaboration and productivity come hand in hand. Our unified communication tools are perfectly designed to walk in step with your business. Our UC Client is a desktop app that helps you integrate your phones with the rest of your business processes. The app lets you access your contacts easily, and can identify the context of incoming calls.


Desktop call control

You have full control from your desktop app: answer, transfer and end calls, put callers on hold and dial out without the need to reach for a traditional handset.

Application integration

Our unified communications integrate with your Outlook contacts and Skype For Business, and you can also merge your contact lists from other applications you use day-to-day for accounting or CRM, such as ACT, Goldmine, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and SAGE.

Real-time presence

It helps if you can see who’s available to take a call and who’s busy. With our unified communication solutions, everyone can see the availability of everyone else. This boosts co-ordination and encourages collaboration between your colleagues.

User settings

You have full control of your set up. You can opt for call forwarding, ‘do not disturb’ or put limits on outgoing calls.

Recent calls and call history

You can take a quick peek at a convenient list of recent calls or you can access a full call history.

Call preview and pop

Caller information is saved to your directories and displayed during both incoming and outgoing calls. There’s also a convenient option to pop the file to view caller information in more detail.