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Find out what our customers say about Inclarity and how our solutions helped their businesses

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Clarence Medical Centre


Part of NHS Wales, Clarence Medical Centre uses Inclarity's hosted telephony within its Rhyl practice.    

"The Inclarity cloud telephony system was chosen due to its flexiblity and cost effectiveness.   We use the call recording feature for training purposes it is an excellent tool that allows for reflective learning.   Reliability is also high on the Centres priorities and Inclarity's service and support has always been supportive and has found a solution to any issues we

have had."   

Ali Ellis, Clarence Medical Centre 

dyslexia action

Dyslexia Action

A charitably organistion set up to support people, and their families, affected by dyslexia. 

"Dyslexia Action moved to new office in Egham, Surrey, in 2014 and seized the opportunity at that time to move to hosted telephony.  "The system is easy to manage and configure on-site, with a single administration tool for more complex tasks".  Inclarity's support team are very knowledgeable and we have the peace of mind that any problem will be resolved as soon as possible." 

Tim Donne, Dyslexia Action


Ping Pong Restaurants

Founded in 2005 Ping Pong now has eight restaurant  locations around London. 

"We chose Inclarity's cloud telephony as we wanted a fully scalable system which can grow as Ping Pong grows.  Inclarity gave us the most up to date, cost effective technology available in the market. The way which I can manage the system via a web browser also makes my life as IT Manager much simpler. No longer do I need to log tickets to change a name on a handset, I can do this all myself."

Jonny Fox, Ping Pong

vosaio travel

VOSAIO Travel   


VOSAIO is leading player in the wholesale travel industry. Specialising in Europe, it is also affiliated with offices around the world, from the Americas to Asia.   

"VOSAIO has always used a VoIP service  since the Company was founded in 2009 as it provides a network that connects our overseas offices and a platform

for our staff to easily work from home or abroad.  

We find Inclarity’s technical support staff easy to work with and responsive to our needs - we have had no major issues since our service was implemented."         


Martin Knuepfer, VOSAIO Travel     

goals soccer centres

Goals Soccer Centres 

Goals Soccer Centres is an operator of dedicated 5-a-side football centres based in East Kilbride with 46 locations in the UK and one in Los Angeles.

 "Having multiple sites easy administration of our telephony solution was important to Goals. Inclarity’s service offers us ease of access to all our sites via a portal so Moves, Adds,  Changes and Deletions are simple and quick for us to implement.    

Also Inclarity’s support it the best we have experience, we get through to a qualified customer service consultant, not a machine, within a few rings."

Kellie Scullion, Goals Soccer Centres 


Stark Equity

A privately funded proprietary trading firm specialising in Financial derivatives, Exchange traded funds and Foreign Exchange.


"A dynamic service model was Stark Equity’s compelling reason for choosing Inclarity’s cloud telephony.

We were looking for a flexible system with a lot of functionality, whilst being easily scalable for their telephony requirements.

Customer support was also an important factor when selecting a service provider and Inclarity runs a very professional service team."

 Jason Fitzpatrick, Stark Equity

"Usability is often key and this is something that Inclarity's System Management Portal does really well, allowing changes to be made easy  on an ongoing basis.  Inclarity's customer service has been greatly improved over the years and is now excellent in terms of speed and ease of resolving an issue."   

Adam Jones, ITS Technology Group