The Benefits of Hosted Telephony – Collaboration for Every Employee

Today, enterprises are encouraging collaborative working as a management ethos instead of working in traditional silos – on the basis that a more diverse set of opinions and inputs are more likely to arrive at solutions that will enhance productivity.

With a hosted telephony solution access to tools and feature sets that rapidly enable collaborative working, for example, conference calls over the web, via audio and video devices, or in virtual meeting rooms, are just a click away. Add to this discrete workspaces for teams to operate within for real-time chat and the sharing of information and the result is a workforce that is connected via a constant flow of ideas.

Looking outward towards the customer is a vital process in achieving Customer Service Excellence and with hosted telephony service integration to call centre applications is simple with an array of call routing options so that callers reach the right persons to solve their problems.

One way a hosted telephony solution can provide measurable detail on your customer service performance is via comprehensive call record and management reporting and the analytics surrounding customer call interactions. Whilst it is true that you can’t manage what you don’t measure it is equally correct that the best performances are achieved when your metrics are effectively managed.

The attractiveness of a hosted telephony solution is made up of many elements but one significant factor welcomed in the boardroom is that it enables users to shift away from the old legacy based solutions that require significant capital expenditure (CapEx). Hosted solutions from Inclarity are supplied on a pay-as-you-go OpEx model which means that all the services are included in a monthly bill based upon what you are using.

It makes budgeting very simple.

Finally, it’s important to work with a hosted telephony partner that has a secure and reliable network and Inclarity recognises that these two factors are both essential for customer peace of mind as well as business success.

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