Gaining Competitive Advantage with Hosted Telephony

The benefits of hosted VoIP, also known as hosted telephony or cloud telephony, are well known and well documented.

Organisations that switch from the legacy communications of yesteryear to hosted telephony have the opportunity reduce their costs, increase value, integrate communications, increase mobility and provide business continuity.

Yet most of these potential gains will not magically appear overnight once a VoIP solution is installed. This does not mean that expectations should be lowered; instead it means organisations need to understand that they now have an asset in VoIP that can be leveraged to deliver the keys that unlock access to their customers of tomorrow.

How can VoIP solutions assist organisations achieve this goal?

At Inclarity we believe that the ability to integrate applications and increase mobility can provide organisations a unique opportunity to implement a customer lead business strategy by placing users at the heart of the business.

This Unified Communications (UC) approach will further enable collaborative working within an organisations instead of departmental silos that rarely communicate with each other. The reality is, employees could be spending lots of wasted time trying to figure out answers while someone else in the team or organisation already knows the solution.

Today, UC and Collaborative applications are deployed over the same IP based networks as telephony – they are integrated, and just like hosted telephony or cloud based telephony, UC is delivered as a services based model where cost is based upon the number of users and the number of services consumed.

Competitive advantage can be gained through increased responsiveness to customer need and here the ability of VoIP to be simply and cost effectively extended beyond the confines of local area network to remote branch offices and even a mobile workforce achieves that goal.

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