The Value of Dropbox Business in Supporting Collaboration

Businesses today need to display a high degree of agility in responding to market changes and customer expectations. Most agree that one of the best ways to achieve this agility is for organisations to have business processes in place that facilitate collaboration.

That collaboration requires simple, easy and dynamic access to content across a distributed organisation with contractors, customers, employees and vendors all working together to move the company forward.

The content is key; access to applications, contracts, correspondence, engineering document, marketing materials, product design or some other business document. Today, the goal of any enterprise is to create, edit, save, store and find content with minimal ease.

Many of us first came upon Dropbox as individual home users; the application provided cloud storage and access to our files from any location with no or minimal cost. Such was the success of Dropbox that the application soon became the data back-up solution of choice for millions of users.

For organisations this success initially brought a number of headaches for the company and in particular, the IT department. Individual users had started using Dropbox at work as a simple to use back-up solution that was frequently better to use than the company file server as users could access their files with ease, all you needed was a web browser, from wherever they were, including from home.

This presented major security concerns for enterprises by having unauthorised – and mostly unknown, copies of potentially highly confidential information running uncontrolled in the wild.

The introduction of Dropbox for Business enabled organisations to take back control by giving home users the back-up application they loved but with all the controls the IT departments wanted whilst retaining that simple to use interface they were used to.

To demonstrates our commitment to delivering best-in-class and affordable cloud solutions that allow companies to speed up collaboration and increase productivity, we have added Dropbox Business to our cloud comms services.

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