What makes a good collaboration area?

Solutions for every workspace

Collaboration is becoming an integral part of many strategic business processes, and the latest solutions are transforming the way people work together. That’s why it’s important that collaboration can take place anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Today, a collaboration workspace can be whatever participants want it to be. For some, it could be a desktop or a coffee shop with Wi-Fi. Others take to small huddle rooms or sophisticated immersive studios. There’s a difference in scale, but the objective is the same – to let people work together effectively.

Collaboration style is changing too—a more informal style is replacing the more structured type of meeting found in boardrooms and conference rooms. To meet these demands, Polycom provides solutions for every type of workspace.

Personal workspace

Individuals can take part in audio conferences at their desk, on the road, at home or any other location. They can join from fixed or mobile devices with suitable screens and conferencing software.

Huddle room

A huddle room is a small room for meetings of up to six people, generally with a table and chairs. Huddle rooms are ideal for the informal style of meetings that are increasingly popular. For smaller businesses without dedicated conference rooms, they make an ideal meeting space.

Teaming space

A teaming space is an informal meeting area. It doesn’t have to be a room and it may not have furniture or collaboration facilities. Like huddle rooms, teaming spaces are suitable for informal or ad-hoc meetings.

Conference room/boardroom

Conference rooms and boardrooms provide a dedicated area for meetings of 7 – 16 people. This is the traditional resource for collaboration and is an ideal environment for project groups or management teams working in a more formal style.

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