Hosted telephony delivers real benefits for business.

The benefits of hosted telephony (VoIP), also known as cloud telephony, are well known and well documented.

Organisations that switch from the legacy communications of yesteryear to VoIP have the opportunity reduce their costs, increase value, integrate communications, increase mobility and provide business continuity.

VOIP robot

How can hosted telephony solutions assist organisations achieve their goals?

Gaining competitive advantage

At Inclarity we think that the ability to integrate applications and increase mobility can provide organisations a unique opportunity to implement a customer lead business strategy by placing users at the heart of their business.  Read more

Improving business agility

We believe that organisations of all sizes can benefit from improving their agility. Success in today’s world demands rapid responsiveness. To improve business agility, many organisations are deploying technology based solutions to improve their performance. Read more

“Inclarity’s solutions can help businesses become a healthier, more flexible organisation with improved speed, productivity, time to market and bottom line”

Enzo Viscito, MD of Inclarity